At Lucky Bail Bonds we will get you or your loved one free as soon as possible. Their freedom is our ultimate goal. We have the lowest rates in Nevada. We will bail you out anywhere in the Clark County – Las Vegas area. We are open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

A bail bond enables you to have a friend or relative freed from jail without requiring you to personally post the entire bond amount. This payment is held by the court with the agreement that the defendant appears in court.

You can expedite the process by following these steps.

1. We make sure they are eligible for bail with the jail.
2. Fill out all the required forms on our website.
3. Co-Sign the bond and provide your social security number which gives you responsibility that the defendant you are bailing out will appear in court.
4. Pay 15% of the bond amount.
(All of this can be done by phone, fax and email)
5. Wait for their excited thank you phone call.

CALL 702-771-1000 or email us here.

Get Out of Jail Las Vegas

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